DUB Show Tour 2018 Los Angeles | Savini Wheels

The DUB Show Tour stop for L.A. was on Sunday, March 11, 2018 and it was one of our best booths yet! Each year, we make sure to go out and show off our latest and greatest and, boy, we didn't disappoint this year. We showed up with a fleet of some of the hottest rides stepping out on Savini Wheels, which made for a jam-packed booth for the entire show. Honestly, the energy at our booth was super explosive, with everyone wanting to take pics with our vehicles, making them some of the sought after rides at the show. Even actor and Danny Trejo rolled by for an unexpected surprise to scope out all our rides!

Два из самых больших автомобилей в нашем стенде - это проклятый Rolls-Royce Wraith от Nick Cannon, раскачивающий одноразовый набор колес! Мы сотрудничали с брендом Nick's Ncredible, чтобы сделать эксклюзивный набор колес, которые еще больше поражают присутствие Призрака. Затем появилась новая версия 2018 Karma Revero в сотрудничестве с Platinum Motorsports. Для своей новейшей модели мы добавили несколько глянцевых черных колес 22 «BM15-L», чтобы закончить черный-черный вид, который действительно делает Revero более сексуальным, чем он есть!

Other rides included a Wraith by Roadstarr on Black di Forza BM13s and their Ferrari 488 on BM15s, a black GT-R from LTMW on BM15-Ls that also sported the elusive Liberty Walk Type II body kit and a blue version on SV71s dressed in the first Liberty Walk GT-R kit, proving that the renowned Japanese Tuner is constantly outdoing themselves! Then there was a Mercedes-Benz GTS from Impressive Wrap on SV64s that really impressed. And, of course, we can't forget our beautiful booth model, Marie Madore, who provided extra eye candy for the booth!

Мы не можем дождаться шоу в следующем году!


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